Recipe: This delicious brew will protect from corona, thus prepare at home

Internet desk. Corona virus is not taking the name of havoc in the country. Everyday a large number of corona patients are being found. At this time people are being advised to take special precautions towards Corona. At the same time, it is being advised to take things that help strengthen the immunity. Today we are going to tell you the recipe of making a delicious brew at home which is helpful in strengthening your immunity.

Materials required:
Water – three glasses
Ginger – 1 piece
Giloy – a stem
Black pepper – three to five grains
Raw turmeric – a small piece
Cinnamon – a stick
Basil leaves – eight to ten
Celery – a pinch
Honey – as per taste

Method of preparation:
– First boil everything in a pot.
– When it becomes one-fourth of the mixture, remove it from the gas.
– Now sieve this mixture. In this way your decoction is prepared, which you can drink lukewarm.


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