Reopened on June 9, the sports halls relieved but vigilant

After ten months of closure, sports halls will be able to reopen their doors to the public from June 9, according to the schedule presented this week by the President of the Republic. ” Relief for our entire ecosystem », Rejoices Virgile Caillet, general delegate of Union Sport & Cycle, the professional organization of the sport and leisure sector. ” Uncertainty has exhausted the profession. The course allows the sector to organize itself, even if we were ready to reopen on May 3 He continues.

The enthusiasm is there, confirms Gaëtan Dubuisson, general manager of Fitness Park, leader of sports halls in France. ” We are ready to find our customers and get our teams back to work after months of partial unemployment », Rejoices the leader. Despite the course of June 9, questions persist, however, in particular about the reception capacity of establishments and the maintenance of economic support measures.

Replenish the clientele

The health protocol that will soon be announced by the Ministry of Sports should probably be identical to that in force last September, with a safe distance between equipment and limited use of changing rooms and showers. “ We would prefer to have at least 50% capacity, but customers are not going to come back overnight », Considers Gaëtan Dubuisson.

One of the major challenges for theaters is indeed to be able to replenish their clientele. According to the profession, these are between 40% and 50% of members who have not renewed their subscription, or have terminated it. ” From the point of view of the health protocol, we are ready for their return », Assures the general delegate of Fitness Park who puts forward the installation of equipment to clean the air of the rooms. “ We are also considering the possibility for customers to present a QR Code via the TousAntiCovid application to avoid contamination. », Adds Virgile Caillet.

Financial support

If the end of the tunnel is approaching, the crisis will nevertheless leave traces: at the end of 2020, nearly 500 establishments have had to shut down. “ It is therefore imperative that financial support measures be maintained, in particular the assumption of fixed costs », Insists Virgile Caillet while welcoming the good conduct of negotiations with the government.

Between 2019 and 2021, our turnover was divided by three », Specifies Gaëtan Dubuisson. The latter estimates that it will take between twenty and twenty-four months for the return of a solid customer base. Based on scientific studies highlighting thepositive impact of a sports activity to counter the epidemic, the sector also hopes that beyond financial support for professionals, the public authorities will encourage a return to theaters to guarantee a faster economic recovery.

Solidarity with entrepreneurs

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