Restaurant: retroplanning to successfully reopen

D-14: Calibrate your team

It is time to bring back the staff placed on short-time work. Delphine Mairiaux, at the head of three breweries in Seine-et-Marne, has decided to recall all of its staff, at 50%. “So that they get half the salary at full rate and not have to choose.” “ Its third establishment, Cirkus, is opening its doors for the first time. “I hired 15 employees to start. Then, I write hiring promises to ramp up when activity has restarted ”.

For its part, La Maison de la Poutine, which has four establishments in Paris and Toulouse, has placed a third of its team in partial activity. Guillaume Natas, its founder, prefers to wait. He does not call anyone back until he has confirmation that he has restarted his activity.

D-12: Refine your card

What to serve to customers for this recovery? La Maison de la Poutine will keep its usual menu and develop a range of boards that are particularly popular with Parisian customers.

In Boulogne-sur-Mer, the hotel-restaurant La Matelote intends to stick to a short card. Remained open, it continued the in-room catering. From May 19, it will be able to welcome in the dining room but only its customers. “I have 15 rooms out of 34. To guarantee gastronomic quality, I must have a limited supply”, testifies chef Stellio Lestienne.

Martin Catineau, Marketing Manager of Tasty Cloud recommended, during an online conference Restaurant: 4 keys to optimize the reopening, of rely on the best takeaway sales the last few months. “The order history or the checkout system makes it possible to select the most successful dishes. ”

Tony and Stellio Lestienne, at the helm of the hotel-restaurant La Matelote in Boulogne-sur-Mer.
– DR

D-10: Plan your purchases

The menu completed, it is necessary draw up recipes and prepare purchases. Delphine Mairiaux advocates caution. “I have set up a pre-order system because all professionals will want the same products at the same time. The idea is to guarantee the price level to avoid any last minute increases. “

In the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the bistronomic restaurant Narro does not have the same visibility. “We work with very fragile products such as microgreens or lemons caviar. We will have to wait until the last minute to see if the customers will be there ”, testifies Julien Alain, co-founder of Narro.

D-8: Arrange the terraces

Between her three breweries Le Cercle, Le Cirkus and Le Gorille, Delphine Mairaux usually has more than 300 seats on the terrace. “How many covers can we offer? This is the great unknown. We have not yet received any details on the gauge. “

Stellio Lestienne is calm. The hotelier-restaurateur is also a caterer and has a large reception area two kilometers from his establishment. He invests the site by having tables throughout the park. “We can easily accommodate 120 guests with 6 people at the table”. By crossing my fingers so that it doesn’t rain.

The urban establishments, more cramped, canvass the town halls for install ephemeral terraces. The Paris town hall has announced that pitches are free until the end of the summer.

The terrace of the Narro restaurant in Paris.
– DR

D-7: Open for booking

A good solution to assess the attendance in advance is to set up the reservation. Martin Catineau sees it as a second advantage. “This makes it possible to avoid crowds in front of the establishment”, he observes. And to risk the “no show”, the solution is to ask for a bank imprint.

D-6: Caring for the customer experience

Martin Catineau also recommends creating a separate space, dedicated to take-out to avoid the mess of couriers. Delphine Mairiaux solved the problem simply. She has launched a food truck that will park in front of her restaurant and serve as a withdrawal point. Once the recovery has started, she hears “Set fire to all summer in its establishments”.

“The strength of the restaurant is its space, its setting. You have to create a ceremony around the place, an atmosphere. Customers want to find a place to share “, recommends Adrien Gahinet, co-founder of the consulting firm Sophadrien.

D- 5: Use digital tools

“Customers are demanding. They ask the restaurants to make great efforts on social distancing, the wearing of the mask, even if they are not very rigorous ”, remarks Guillaume Natas, founder of La Maison de la Poutine. Professionals are well aware of this. If the French stamp their feet, they won’t let anything go.

“Digital tools such as menus accessible by QR code make it unnecessary to clean plastic-coated menus and streamline the service”, assures Martin Catineau, marketing manager at Tasty Could. According to a study by CHD Expert, two-thirds of customers are in favor of the digital menu, half to order at the table directly from your smartphone.

La Maison de la Poutine is very active on social networks, as here on Instagram.
– DR

D-4 Speak on the internet

It’s time to beat the recall. The Maison de la Poutine, very present on social networks, waits for the last days to communicate “Social networks are at the last minute. At that time, we do a big push “.

Same approach in Boulogne-sur-Mer at the hotel-restaurant La Matelote. “Facebook creates an incredible buzz. You post and everyone relays! We also do emailing campaigns thanks to the client file that we have built up over the years ”, explains Stellio Lestienne.

D-3: Place orders

Météo France is refining its forecasts, the incidence rate is slowly declining… you have to pick up your phone. “The chef places orders for all establishments. We validate them to be delivered on D-Day », testifies Delphine Mairiaux.

At Narro, in Paris, we prefer to risk the very last minute. “Last year, we lost all our fresh stock”, remembers Julien Alain.

D-1: Rehearse with your team

This is the general. To have top-notch staff, the best is to repeat. At Cirkus, the chefs prepare the à la carte dishes that the servers will enjoy during the staff meal.

D-Day: Being in the field

The big day, finally. The teams are on the verge of war. The bosses too. “We are sailing completely on sight. The first day, I will be in the field ”, confirms Guillaume Natas. Nothing better to take the temperature and adjust the processes. Impossible to miss the train of recovery.

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