Rochak News: Woman troubled by stomach pain was understanding gas problem, then this work happened

Many shocking cases keep coming to the fore every day. Now recently such a case has come to the fore, after knowing that your senses will fly away. The case is of a woman from whose body a tumor weighing 47 kg was removed. It is being told that even the doctors who performed the operation were surprised to see this sight. According to the information received in this case, the woman was carrying this tumor with her for 18 years. However, after the successful operation of the tumor, it is now recovering. The whole matter is being told of Deogarh Baria of Gujarat. A 56-year-old woman living here was suffering from tumor for the last 18 years.

In this case, the woman’s son said that initially the tumor was not that big, but suddenly its size started increasing. At first people thought that the woman’s stomach must have become so bloated due to the problem of gas, but after ultrasonography in the year 2004, it was found that the woman had a large tumor in her stomach. After that, the doctors did not take the risk of surgery in view of the woman’s health. However, later the size of the tumor more than doubled and the woman felt constant pain due to this. She couldn’t even get out of bed. Seeing all this, the family members went to Apollo Hospital in Gujarat, where doctors decided to perform surgery and remove the tumour. After 4 hours of operation, the tumor was removed from the woman’s body.

The doctors said, “The woman’s surgery was really dangerous. Because such a large tumor affected so many internal organs of the woman,” they said, “we can’t weigh the patient before the surgery because she can’t stand up straight.” She weighed. 49 kg after the operation.” According to a report, the 56-year-old woman had a benign tumor for the past 18 years, weighing 47 kg. The total weight of the tumor removed by combining abdominal skin and extra skin tissue removed by doctors during the operation was about 54 kg.


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