Rohit Sharma gave this answer on the role of Virat Kohli in Team India

Rohit Sharma on Virat Kohli: Rohit Sharma, the new captain of India in the T20 format, does not see any change in the role of Virat Kohli as a batsman in the team. He hopes that Kohli will continue to play excellent innings in the future as well. Virat Kohli has left the captaincy in this format after the T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma will be the full-time captain in this format from the first T20 match against New Zealand on Wednesday.

When asked about the role of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma said, ‘It is very simple. Whatever he was doing till now, his role in the team will remain the same. “He is a very important player for the team and he makes an impact whenever he plays. He is an important player from the team’s point of view and when you play every match the roles change.

‘Every player’s role keeps changing’

Rohit said that the role of every player changes according to the situation of the match and all the players including Kohli are ready for it. He said that when you are batting first the role will be different than when you are batting later. Everyone’s role changes according to the match and everyone is ready for it. Rohit said that when Virat Kohli comes back, our team will be stronger because he has so much experience and he is such a great batsman.

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