Sai Baba Quotes: Share these inspirational thoughts to your friends

1- “God is one – the master of all is one”

2- I am formless and everywhere. I am in and beyond everything. I fill all the space. “

3- “Profit and loss, birth and death are in the hands of God.”

4- Liberation is impossible for those addicted to lust.

5- “Death and life are manifestations of the activity of God. You cannot separate the two. God pervades all.”

6- “Why am I scared when I am here?”

7- “Look at me and I will look at you.”

8-“Whatever you see together is me. I don’t move or move.”

9- Do not be lazy: work, take the name of God and read the scriptures. “

10- “My devotees consider everything as their guru.”

11- “The actions of others will only affect them. Only your own actions affect you.”

12- “Be content and cheerful in what comes.”

13- “What God gives never ends, what a man gives never lasts.”

14- “Spend money to charity; be generous and generous but not extravagant.”

15- “Be happily engaged in your worldly pursuits, but do not forget God.”

16- “If someone hurts you, don’t give back as you get.”

17- “The wise are cheerful and satisfied with their luck in life.”

18- “This should be our will and resolution. Whoever chants my name, I stay with him.”

19- “Have full faith in the law of God.”

20- “If you avoid rivalry and dispute, God will protect you.”


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