Scientists detect various types of cardiac damage in Covid-19 patients

New York. Scientists have identified three types of damage to the heart muscle of Kovid-19 patients that are associated with fatal blood clots and heart attacks. Better monitoring of sensitive people will be possible through research findings. According to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, these abnormal heart conditions are associated with an increased risk of death of hospitalized Kovid-19 patients.

Other researchers, including researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in the US, believe that this research will give physicians better information about cardiac damage in people infected with the corona virus. This way they will be able to quickly find out which patients are at higher risk and which treatment will work.

In this research, scientists looked at the level of protein named Toponin. The secretion of this protein occurs when the heart muscle is damaged. Echocardiogram also showed abnormalities in the heart. In the research, scientists looked at the heart scans of 305 patients suffering from Kovid-19. The average age of these patients was 63 years. Out of these, symptoms of damage were found in the heart cells of 19 patients. (Agency)


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