Scientists develop new method to stop impersonation of Corona virus

Houston Scientists have developed a method to inhibit a protein that the Novel Corona virus uses to inactivate critical components of the immune system. This discovery may help in creating a new drug for the treatment of Kovid-19.

Various researchers, including researchers at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, US, have detected two molecules that inhibit the molecular “Caesar” enzyme (enzyme) used by the coronavirus called SARS-Cove-2-PLPro. Huh.

Research published in the journal ‘Science’ states that SARS-Cove-2-PLPro promotes infection by sensitizing and processing both viral and human proteins.
“This enzyme takes a double form,” said Sean K. Olsen, assistant professor of biochemistry and structural biology at UT Health San Antonio and senior research writer.

“It encourages the release of proteins that are dual-stranded to the virus,” Olson said, and also inhibits molecules called cytokines and chemokines that signal the immune system to attack infection. “Scientists have discovered inhibitors that are very efficient at blocking the activity of SARS-Cove-2-PLPro. (Agency)


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