Sehwag took a jibe at the change in this rule of cricket, said this for R Ashwin

Mankading will now be called an official run out in cricket. This new rule will come into effect from October 1. Virender Sehwag took a jibe at R Ashwin on the change in this rule. Congratulating R Ashwin, Sehwag wrote, ‘Congratulations to you Ashwin. You have had a wonderful week this week. First you became India’s second highest wicket-taker in Tests and then it’s done. Now you can plan such run-outs with Butler with complete freedom.

Sehwag took this jibe at Ashwin because R Ashwin had appealed to dismiss Jos Buttler of Rajasthan Royals under Mankading in an IPL match. So far in cricket, there has always been controversy over the appeal of dismissal like this. It is considered against the spirit of the game, but now that it has been included in the official run out category, this controversy has also ended forever.

What is Mankading?
When the batsman of the non-striking end comes out of the crease before the bowler bowls the ball and the bowler stops his hand and drops the bails of that end, it is called Mankading.

New rules will be applicable from October 1
The Marylebone Cricket Club has submitted suggestions for amending the rules on Wednesday. In these, a total of eight rules have been recommended from spitting on the ball to Mankading. It is up to the ICC and the cricket boards around the world to implement these rules as they are or to implement them by making slight changes. By the way, the rules of Marylebone Cricket Club are generally applied in international cricket as they are. In such a situation, it can be believed that a change in the rules of cricket is almost certain from October 1.

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