Sensex and Nifty set a new record of bullishness, both the indices reached all-time high

New Delhi. The Indian stock market showed tremendous growth as soon as it started trading today. In the trading that started with positive sentiments, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex set a new record of all time high by achieving a level of 52 thousand,626.64 points in the opening minutes itself. Similarly, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also made a new record of all-time high once again by reaching the level of 15 thousand,835.55 points in the opening minutes itself.

The BSE Sensex had earlier reached the level of 52 thousand,516 points on 16 February 2021. For a long time, this level remained the all-time high of the Sensex. Because in the trading days after February 16, the Sensex fell below the level of 50 thousand points. After trading in the range of 48 thousand and 49 thousand for a long time, the Sensex had once again succeeded in crossing the level of 50 thousand on 18 May. After this, on May 26, the Sensex crossed the level of 51 thousand and on May 31, the Sensex also crossed the level of 52 thousand. However, after that the Sensex had to wait for 9 trading days to reach the all-time high of 52 thousand,516 points. After that, on the last trading day of this week, the Sensex gained 326.17 points by jumping up to 52 thousand,626.64 points and achieved this feat.

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The Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also managed to reach a new all-time high today. Nifty had succeeded in reaching the level of 15 thousand,800 mark for the first time on 9th June only 2 days ago. However, due to heavy selling at the end of trading, Nifty closed down by about 165 points from the top level. On Thursday also Nifty showed an increase, but it was not possible for it to reach the level of 15 thousand,800. But today, a few minutes after the start of trading, Nifty made a strong jump and rose by 97.8 points to reach a new all-time high of 15 thousand, 835.55 points.

At present, both the buying and selling phase is going on in the stock market, in which sometimes the buyers dominate, and sometimes the emphasis of the sellers increases. But till now the emphasis of overall buying is high in the business.

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