Share Market Today: Market crashed due to Ukraine crisis, all shares including Reliance, TCS crashed

Mumbai. The business world has also come under tension due to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Even so, almost all Western countries, including the US, have united to stop Russia’s attempt to annex Ukraine. In such a situation, increasing the possibility of war will affect the business of the whole world. In this era of globalization, India cannot remain untouched by it.

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If there is any sector of interest affected the most in India, it is the stock market. The reason is clear, there is a good amount of foreign investment directly and indirectly in the stock market of India. Also, India is directly affected by this tension due to India’s close trade relations with Russia-Ukraine. Now that Russia is increasing the number of its troops on the border of Ukraine, increasing the pressure on Ukraine, the whole world and the business world have come under tension. This can be clearly seen in the form of the continuing decline in the Indian stock market since this morning. This morning, whether big or small, the shares of all companies registered a fall.

It is to be known that the market opened today with heavy losses. On one hand, the BSE Sensex opened at 56,438.64 with a huge loss of 1244.95 points. NSE’s Nifty also opened today’s opening with a loss of 368.70 points at the level of 16,847.95. At one time the Sensex had reached a low of 56,394.85 and the Nifty 16,843.80.

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However, in view of the ongoing intensive meeting in the United Nations (UN), there is a possibility of some positive results of the Ukraine-Russia crisis coming out. In this positivity, the market is also showing some improvement. At the time of writing the news, the Sensex was trading at 56,978.45, down 705.14 points. Nifty was also trading at the level of 16,997.50 with a loss of 209.15 points showing slight improvement. As far as the big names are concerned, RIL has fallen above one percent (RIL share price) and TCS has fallen above 3% (TCS share price).

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