She is a circus artist, he is an actor… these two artists have become entrepreneurs

Emily Evans: “I wanted to work on my own projects”

Nothing predestined Emily Evans to get into entrepreneurship. The 28-year-old is a director and visual artist. She has followed various training courses, including a degree in visual arts in Saint-Etienne (Loire) and the National School of Puppetry Arts in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes). Also passionate about the circus since she was 12 years old, she practices it and draws inspiration from it for her creations.

At the end of this eclectic journey, Emily Evans does not find the path of her dreams. “There were no structures where I could flourish, where I could be an employee. It seemed obvious to me then that if I wanted to work on my own projects, I had to set up my company. “ In 2020, it integrates the Fluxus incubator, set up by the Grand Est region: a one-year support program for projects to create cultural and artistic activities.

Emily Evans learns there how to set up a business plan, to pitch her ideas or to seek funding. “I came from the world of the stage, I had really difficulties with all the vocabulary of the company. But Fluxus carried me to knock on the right doors. I gained confidence in myself. “ In January 2020, La Compagnie Brûlante saw the light of day – legally – then began operations at the start of 2021. Today, it collaborates with nine people on an intermittent basis on a first project. “If I had been told one day that I was going to manage such a team, I would not have believed it”, concludes the artist-turned-entrepreneur.

Romain Lalire: “It’s not easy to get started when you’re an artist”

For nearly twenty years, Romain Lalire has been a magician, actor and performer. Essentially self-taught, he nevertheless trained at the Marceau mime school. The artist finally wants a ” turn “ in his career. Already interested in digital, he tried his hand at video, photography or mapping, a multimedia technology allowing to project light or videos on volumes, all thanks to tutorials. “I am very interested in the current tools”, he explains.

For Romain Lalire, everything accelerated in June 2019 when he integrates the Numeric Lab, an incubator companies located in Enghien-les-Bains (Val d’Oise) and specializing in the field of creative and cultural industries. “I saw the ad on Twitter, where I normally never go, and I applied. “ A whim that ends up making his business plan a reality. Driven by personalized support and his meetings, in August 2020 he created Le Studio de l’Imaginaire: a company that produces both advertising videos, concert recordings and artistic performances.

“It is not easy to launch into business creation when you are an artist”, says Romain Lalire. He is now assisted by an accountant, on the advice of Numeric Lab. “I don’t think I would have started my company if I hadn’t been in this incubator. These are other codes to understand and they helped me to go further. “ His activity starts slowly but the artist remains confident about the future of his business.

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