Side Effects of Rice: If you eat rice everyday then be careful!

Rice is a delicious dish in Indian cooking. A plate of food is incomplete without it. Rice is eaten thrice instead of roti in different parts of the country. Rice dishes like dal-chawal, rajma-chawal and chana chawal are popular in India, but did you know that eating rice regularly can be harmful to your health?

Rice is easier to make than roti and gets cooked quickly. People consume rice for many reasons. However, eating too much rice can make you sick.


There are many disadvantages of eating rice regularly or in excess. One of these is also linked to diabetes. A bowl of cooked rice contains at least 10 teaspoons of calories. If you eat so much rice daily, your chances of getting diabetes increase. This increases the blood sugar level. Hence rice is not recommended for diabetics.
weight gain

Because the amount of calories in cooked rice is high, there is a risk of obesity by eating it. If you are already overweight, then eat less rice.


Rice is a heavy food which fills the stomach quickly and is easily digested. On the other hand, rice gets digested quickly and after some time one starts feeling hungry again. You then eat something to satisfy your hunger, resulting in forcibly overeating.

Digestive power is weak

The amount of fiber in white rice is very low. Therefore, if rice is eaten in excess quantity, then the problem of gas-acidity starts.

laziness grows

Rice is a sleep-inducing food. Fighting sleep is difficult, especially if consumed during the day. This is because by eating rice, the amount of sugar in the body starts increasing rapidly, due to which sleep starts.

Vitamin C deficiency

White rice contains relatively little vitamin C, thus consuming it deprives the body of essential vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, it does not benefit the bones, but if consumed in excess quantity, the bones start weakening.


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