Skin Care Tips: Giloy will make your face shiny, how to use it

Giloy is considered to be the most beneficial for health. You all must know that Giloy has been used to increase immunity during Corona. However, you hardly know that Giloy is very beneficial for skin as well as health. Yes, if you want, you can use it by making a face mask. Actually Giloy is used to remove pimples, fine lines, blemishes and anti-aging problems. It is great for glowing skin. Now we tell you how to use Giloy.

Honey and Giloy- Giloy is considered very beneficial for glowing skin. Honey also helps in hydrating the skin. By using honey and giloy, you can make the skin young. To enhance your face, make a paste by grinding the fruit of Giloy and add rose water and honey to this paste. Now apply this face mask on the face. Wash your face after about 15 minutes. Do this twice a week.

Giloy and Aloe Vera Gel- Aloe Vera Gel helps to hydrate the skin. You can use Giloy and Aloe Vera gel as it is very helpful in making the skin soft. To make a face mask of Giloy and Aloe Vera gel, take one teaspoon of Giloy powder and the ground paste of the stem. For this, mix aloe vera gel and stem paste well and then apply this paste on the face. Wash your face after about 15 minutes. Actually, by applying this face pack, the glow of the face increases.


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