Smelly Shoes: After wearing shoes, the smell comes from the feet, then try these tips…

Summer season has arrived. In such a situation, sweating due to sun, heat and humidity is very common. At the same time, there are some people who do not tolerate heat and they sweat a lot. Many people also have to be ashamed because of sweating. But the most embarrassment is when one has to take off their shoes. Because their shoes smell of sweat. The smell of shoes is difficult for both men and women. Even after cleaning the shoes properly, many people’s shoes smell bad and this problem gets worse in the summer season. If you are also one of those people whose shoes smell bad, then you can also adopt some easy and home remedies mentioned below, which will go a long way in reducing the smell of shoes.

Wash your shoes and insoles: – Washing your shoes and insoles keeps shoes fresh and doesn’t smell. It is best to wash the shoes with cool water and by hand. It is best to dry the shoes in the open air after washing them because drying them in a clothes dryer can damage the shoes.

Remove odor from fruit peels: – To remove the smell of shoes, take orange, seasonal or lemon peels and put them inside the shoes at night and remove them the next morning. By doing this the shoes will not smell.

Remove Bad Odor From Cedarwood:- Cedarwood is rich in antifungal properties. So, if you wish, leave the cedarwood in the shoes overnight to destroy bacteria and fungus in the shoes.

Use shoe and sandalwood disinfectant:- In the evening when you come home and take off your shoes, spray disinfectant on it. Actually, due to the heat in the shoes, odor-causing bacteria are born. If you spray disinfectant on shoes or sandals, they will be gone and your shoes will be fresh the next day.

Apply deodorant on the feet: – Using deodorant on the feet can get rid of the bacteria and fungus that cause odor. Therefore, you can take any good deodorant from the market and use it. But keep in mind that it can cause skin infection.


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