Smoothie Recipe: If you are doing work from home again like last year, then make this special smoothie of almonds, bananas and milk to stay active at home, is this easy recipe?

Lifestyle Desk. The corona diaphragm has affected the work of most people. Once again, work from home, like last year, has come. It is very important to remain active during work from home because a person feels lethargic while working at home. So that you can work properly, today we are teaching you how to make a special drink. You can make smoothies at home with the help of almonds, bananas and milk. It will always make you feel active.

So let’s know how to make almonds, bananas and milk smoothies …


(For 1 glass quantity)

-4-6 almonds
-A banana
-1 cup milk

The way to make this is as follows…
1. To make this special smoothie, first remove the banana peel and cut it into two parts.
2. After this, add almonds and milk on top by adding it in a juicer jar.
3. Now stir the juicer for about 5 minutes so that it becomes a smooth smoothie.
4. Now take out this smoothie in a glass. Your special drink is ready.


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