Solidarity fund maintained in May, declining from June and closed at the end of August

The solidarity fund will be fully maintained until the end of May 2021 and its access will be relaxed from June, for certain sectors, declared, on May 3, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

The partial reopening of May 19, for the terraces of cafes and restaurants, will therefore not affect the amount received by these companies under the solidarity fund.

The solidarity fund relaxed in June but reassessed

From June, however, this amount will be reassessed for open or partially open businesses. Bercy is currently discussing with professional organizations the amount of future aid. Currently, the amount granted to closed or partially closed businesses is 10,000 euros or 20% of lost turnover up to a ceiling of 200,000 euros for a loss greater than 50% of turnover.

From June, the fund will also be expanded. Professionals will be able to apply for financial assistance regardless of their loss of turnover, whereas today the solidarity fund is reserved for companies showing a loss of turnover of at least 50%. This concerns hoteliers, cafes, restaurants, the world of culture and entertainment, as well as the event sector.

Finally, June will also kick off a gradual reduction in aid. “Then we will obviously have a decrease according to the return to normal […] over three months. “ Bruno le Maire also said on RTL. The last payment of aid should therefore concern the activity carried out in August for the sectors concerned.

Alain Griset asks restaurants to reopen

The solidarity fund, which supports more than 2 million businesses, is also experiencing some hiccups. The solidarity fund has been extended since March 2020 to a growing number of activities affected by the Covid-19 crisis. But in recent days, companies have complained of not being able to get the tax authorities to recognize that they depend on closed sectors. At the Ministry of the Economy, we indicate that we receive “A lot of individual requests that we deal with on a case-by-case basis, because there may be administrative errors or a poor understanding of the criteria. We must respond to people who have questions about the solidarity fund ”. We also recognize that“There are always a few holes in the racket that come up to us, but as long as they don’t tell us about them, it’s hard to know them”.

From now on, the question of reopening and returning consumers to shops is at the heart of concerns. “There will be support, but it is obvious that everyone must resume the activity. The restaurateurs who have asked us a lot to reopen, I would not understand why some would remain closed ” , on the other hand urged the Minister of SMEs Alain Griset on Sud Radio, on May 4.

Bars, cafes, brasseries and restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces on May 19, with a curfew pushed back to 9 p.m. and tables of up to six guests. Then, on June 9, the curfew will be delayed to 11 p.m. and the reception of customers in the dining room will be possible.

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