Sourav Ganguly said on Corona’s entry in IPL’s bio bubble – how it reached, very difficult to say right now

The 14th season of the IPL was postponed indefinitely after some players of IPL 2021 were found to be infected. BCCI President and former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly also does not have the answer to the corona virus arrival in the IPL bio bubble. Along with this, Ganguly also accepts the decision to have IPL in India.

On the breech of Ganguly’s bio bubble, he said, “I don’t think so.” There is no violation of bio bubble in the report that we have received. It is very difficult to say how it happened. It is also very difficult to say how many people are getting infected in the country.

At the time of the decision to conduct IPL in India, there were very few cases of corona infection.
Apart from this, Ganguly said that when asked to conduct IPL in India, when we decided, the number of corona cases was less. We toured England successfully. He said that the IPL was also discussed in the UAE, but in February, there were very few cases of Kovid-19 in India.

It is too early to say anything about the remaining matches
Ganguly said in an interview to the Indian Express that the number of Karona cases has increased in the last three weeks in the country. Earlier, it was nothing but we discussed about UAE but then decided to do it in India.

The decision to hold matches in 6 cities is correct
The BCCI president said on the question of matches being held in one or two cities instead of six cities, “As I said when we decided all this, there was no Kovid spike in India. So it is very easy to say now. He said that we started from Mumbai and the matches ended without any infection and then there were many cases of corona in Mumbai. In addition, he also assured foreign players to travel safely in their own countries.

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