Space: takeoff in sight for the first SpaceX tourist flight


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The first space tourists will take off on Wednesday, September 15, aboard a SpaceX rocket, for a three-day stay in orbit.

Wednesday, September 15, in the evening, a SpaceX capsule will take off with four tourists on board for three days in space. The theft, completely automated, was financed by Jared Issaacman, a 38-year-old American billionaire. He will be accompanied by three other people: a former Air Force soldier, a science teacher and a medical assistant. All were selected via an advertisement. “This is probably the most exciting part of this mission, opening up the crew selection to ordinary people”, says Jared Issaacman.

Each seat will embody a value: prosperity, generosity and hope, represented by Hailey Arceneaux, survivor of pediatric cancer. “They asked me if I wanted to go to space, and I immediately agreed. I really hope to inspire cancer patients and other survivors to tell them that anything is possible.”, she explained. After several months of training and 72 hours in space, they should land on the water on their return to the Atlantic Ocean, off Florida (United States).

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