Space: Unseenlabs raises 20 million to observe boats

They are three brothers, all in their thirties, ” united like the fingers of a hand », Insists Clement Galic, the CEO of the young Rennes company Unseenlabs who has just raised 20 million euros after a first round of 7.5 million euros completed a little over two years ago.

The siblings also made up of Jonathan, the technical director, the real brain of the company and Benjamin, a business lawyer who acts as an advisor for legal aspects, says she is aware of having in your hands a real nugget whose innovative technologies for intercepting radio frequency signals from space are revolutionizing the identification of boats on the sea. ‘water.

Equity contribution

Their technological advance based on constellation of nanosatellites of spotting ships 500 km above the sea, has therefore just resulted in one of the largest fundraisers in the European space sector. It was subscribed by 360 Capital, Omnes and Blue Oceans Partners alongside the historical partners of Unseelabs which are Breizh Up (Brittany region), the Definvest fund of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and Hemeria.

This equity contribution aims to increase the number of nanosatellites sent into space. », Says Clément Galic. To date, there are three of them spinning over our heads, ” the goal is to increase to more than 20 by 2025 », Continues the manager.

Coupled with Unseenlabs’ on-board technology, these nano-satellites allow identification of magnetic waves emitted by ships which are therefore geolocated almost in real time. Everyone is affected, regardless of their size and position. Until now, many were very difficult to spot in the middle of the oceans, especially if they did not activate on board AIS – Automatic Identification System -, a data exchange system made mandatory by the IMO, Maritime Organization international.

10 first clients

The top 10 customers of Unseelabs are the States, including France, for locating boats which degas at sea, those carrying out illegal fishing, pirating or carrying drugs. “ We now see the emergence, says Clément Galic, a new clientele formed by insurance companies. “. The Rennes company markets are global. It has also just signed a distribution agreement with the Japanese conglomerate Marubeni Corporation.

Last year, Unseenlabs achieved a turnover of 3 million euros and should pay off quickly. The society employs around twenty people and will increase to 30 employees by the end of the fiscal year.

Clément graduated from Enac, the National Civil Aviation School based in Toulouse, and Jonathan graduated from Supelec. Before embarking on the creation of their company in 2015, ” almost in the garage of the family house near Rennes », Remember the two brothers, they worked for ten years, Jonathan at Airbus in Toulouse and Clément at CNES, National Center for Space Studies. As for Benjamin, he followed his course as a lawyer at the Faculty of Law in Rennes.

Our various activities led us to identify that there were real possibilities for innovation in space and radiofrequency geolocation. », Says Clément Galic, who also refers to an older family past to explain their passion. Their father was a fighter pilot in the Air Force for a long time. Something to make them dream a little more with their heads in the stars.

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