Stock market at great height, Sensex and Nifty reached the sky

New Delhi. The domestic stock market once again showed tremendous growth on the second trading day of the week. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex crossed the 57 thousand level for the first time and made a great record of gains by reaching the level of 57,625.26 points. Nifty also made a new record of all-time high by crossing the range of 17 thousand for the first time today and reaching the level of 17,153.55 points. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex opened at a level of 56,995.15 with a slight gain of 105.39 points today. As soon as the trading started, there was a slight rise in the Sensex, due to which the Sensex jumped 235.02 points to reach the level of 57,124.78 in just 10 minutes of trading and made a new record of all-time high in the first trading session of the day itself. Gave. With this, the Sensex was also successful in crossing the psychological barrier of 57 thousand for the first time. After reaching this high, the stock market started selling strongly, due to which the Sensex fell 265.68 points from the top level and reached the level of 56,859.10 points in the red mark.

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However, this fall of the Sensex was beneficial for its further journey, because after this the bulls dominated the stock market. Due to this, the Sensex continued to move forward on the strength of continuous buying. Four hours after the start of today’s trading, at 1:15 pm, the Sensex reached the level of 57,284.47, filling the gap. After reaching this level, once again profit-booking started in the market, due to which the Sensex fell to 57,112.31 points. After this fall, buying started again in the market, with a gain of 439.79 points in the next 40 minutes, the Sensex reached a record level of 57,329.55 points. After reaching this level, there was a slight sell-off in the stock market, due to which there was a slight softening in the Sensex, but after that all-round buying started in the market. Due to this, a little before the close of today’s trading, the Sensex made a new record of all-time high by reaching the level of 57,625.26 points with a spectacular jump of 735.50 points. However, due to intraday settlement in the last minutes, the Sensex slipped slightly below the top level and closed at 57,552.39 with a gain of 662.63 points. Like the Sensex, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also started trading today with a slight increase. Nifty opened at 16,947.50 with a gain of just 16.45 points. After the start of trading, all-round buying took the Nifty to the level of 16,995.55 with a gain of 64.50 points in the first 10 minutes of trading. However, the selloff that started at this level stopped the Nifty from reaching the range of 17 thousand for one time.

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Due to this sell-off, the Nifty slipped 79.70 points from its top level to fall to the level of 16,915.85 within half an hour. But the buying started at this level gave new life to the Nifty. Due to this, by 1:15 pm, the Nifty crossed the range of 17 thousand and reached the highest level of 17,048.20 points. Although the sell-off in the stock market again forced the Nifty to dive again, but after a slight decline, the Nifty once again started climbing up showing strength and with a strength of 129.45 points just before 2 o’clock. Reached the level of 17,060.50 points. There was also a slight sell-off at this level, due to which the Nifty came down slightly at 2 pm and gained 123.05 points to reach the level of 17,054.10 points. After this, due to strong buying, the Nifty broke all the records of strength and reached a record level of 17,153.55 with the strength of 222.45 points at 3.15 pm. However, due to the settlement of daily deals in the last minute, the Nifty showed slight softening and ended today’s trading with a gain of 201.15 points at the level of 17,132.20.

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During the day’s trading today, the stock market got continuous support from FMCG, Banking, IT, Energy, Financial Services, Pharma, Auto, Metal and PSU Bank sectors. Due to all-round buying in the market, the National Stock Exchange’s Metal Index 1.54 percent, Financial Services Index 1.27 percent, IT Index 1.35 percent, FMCG index 0.97 percent, Pharma Index 0.87 percent, Auto Index 0.77 percent and Realty Index with a strength of 0.59 percent. Closed. However, the trend of declining trend in the media index continued today. A total of 3,341 shares were traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange during the day’s trading today. Out of these, 1,569 shares closed in the green with strength while 1,626 shares closed in the red mark showing weakness. There is no change in the price of 146 shares. Talking about the 30 stocks included in the Sensex, out of these 26 stocks closed in the green mark with strength while 4 shares closed in the red mark with a fall. After a day’s trading today, 203 shares of Bombay Stock Exchange reached 52-week high, and 21 stocks dived to touch 52-week low. Apart from this, during today’s trading, 311 stocks got upper circuit and 220 shares came in the grip of lower circuit. After a day’s trading, the total market cap of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange increased to Rs 247.34 lakh crore after the close of business for the first time. Among the heavyweights, Bharti Airtel gained 6.69 per cent, Bajaj Finance 5.57 per cent, Hindalco Industries 4.74 per cent, Shree Cement 4.41 per cent and Eicher Motors by 4.36 per cent joined the list of top mass gainers today. On the other hand, Nestle India fell 1.49 per cent, Tata Motors by 1.47 per cent, IndusInd Bank by 1.12 per cent, Reliance Industries by 0.6 per cent and Power Grid Corporation by 0.23 per cent to join the list of top 5 losers.

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