Stock market news: Stock market ended with loss, TCS profit, RIL loss

Mumbai. The stock market opened today after a three-day holiday, but opened with a loss, remained in loss throughout the day and finally closed with a loss. The specialty of today’s trading day was that the two highest capitalization companies headed in two different directions.

On one hand Reliance Industries (RIL) shares suffered the biggest loss (2.30%) today, while TCS, the second largest capitalization company, gave a good profit (1.32%) today. On the other hand, the impact of the Central Government’s tax cut on palm oil affected the shares of Ruchi Soya. Shares of Ruchi Soya rose 2.26 percent today.

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Today, in the first trading day of the week, the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Sensex closed at 58,177.76 with a loss of 127 points. On the other hand, NSE (National Stock Exchange) Nifty today lost 13.95 points and Nifty closed at 17,355.30. Nifty fell 0.08 percent, while Sensex fell 0.22 in today’s trading. In this way, the Sensex suffered more losses today.

The stock market had a bad start today. On the one hand, Sensex opened at 58,159.74 with a loss of 145.62 points, while Nifty opened at 17,322.80 with a loss of 46.45 points. In today’s day, the Sensex touched a high of 58,314.64 and a low of 57,944.63. On the other hand, Nifty touched the highest level of 17,378.35 and the lowest level of 17,269.15 today.

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The trend of global markets played a big role for today’s fall in the Indian stock market. For the past few days, the effect of candid trading in the global markets also fell on the Indian stock market today. Investors sold their investments in view of the global trend, leading to losses in the market.

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