Stock market support from PSU bank sector, selling pressure in IT sector

New Delhi. The Indian stock market today made a great recovery in the first trading session of the day as well as in the second session after facing selling pressure for about one and a half hours. Due to this tremendous recovery, both the indices of the stock market Nifty and Sensex were successful in closing with gains. This recovery of the stock market was mainly contributed by the PSU bank sector, in which the great buying supported the stock market a lot.

During the day’s trading today, apart from PSU Bank Sector, Media Sector, FMCG, Metal, Auto and Realty Sector contributed a lot to the spectacular recovery of the stock market. The IT sector once again maintained selling pressure on the stock market throughout the day.

After the day’s trading, Nifty included PSU Bank index 3.08 percent, Media index 1.47 percent, FMCG index 1.22 percent, Metal index 1.09 percent, Auto index 0.88 percent, Realty index 0.73 percent, Energy index 0.43 percent, Private bank index 0.35 percent , Financial Services Index closed 0.33 per cent higher and Pharma index 0.09 per cent higher, on the other hand Nifty’s IT index ended today’s business with a weakness of 0.88 per cent.

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After a day’s trading, out of 30 stocks included in the Sensex, 17 stocks closed in the green by trading with strength, while 13 shares closed down after trading in the red mark. A total of 3,478 shares were traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange today. Out of these, 1,772 shares closed after trading in the green mark. On the other hand, 1,573 shares closed in the red mark under selling pressure. While there was no change in the price of 133 shares.

After today’s trading, the total market cap of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange has increased by about Rs 1 lakh crore. After today’s trading, the market cap of BSE listed companies increased to Rs 268.06 lakh crore. After the close of business on Monday, the total market cap of these companies was Rs 267.12 lakh crore.

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During today’s trading, 342 stocks on the Bombay Stock Exchange managed to reach a 52-week high, while 18 shares fell to a 52-week low. Apart from this, 440 shares fell in the upper circuit on the basis of buying today, while 215 shares fell victim to the lower circuit due to heavy selling.

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