Study on Mask: Transparent mask to comprehension of speech 10 pcs . enhances

New York: It is true that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable or irritating, but researchers have found that the use of transparent masks during communication increases speech comprehension for such people by about 10 percent. The study, published in the journal Ear and Hearing, measured the importance of visual cues for communication for people with normal hearing and hearing loss.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have approved two models of masks.

“Our findings suggest that wearing a transparent mask can facilitate communication for all, reduce stress and improve interactions. Safety should clearly be a primary concern, and no clear model with proven effectiveness are not sold in Brazil right now,” said Regina Tangerino, professor at the University of So Paulo’s Bauru Dental School (FOB-USP) in Brazil.

For the study, the team posted a set of videos lasting 40 minutes to the Internet, in which Tangerino performed several accents against background noise without a mask, wearing a mask with a clear mouth panel, and wearing an opaque cloth mask. The study used 154 volunteers recruited via social media or email and divided them into three groups based on whether they had normal hearing, or confirmed or confirmed hearing loss ( with or without cochlear implants or hearing aids).


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