Super League: Fifa ‘disapproves’ the project and dissident clubs ‘will have to suffer the consequences’ says Gianni Infantino

The day after the official announcement of the creation of the Super League, Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday April 20 at the opening of the annual UEFA congress. And he clearly showed his disagreement and his willingness to fight against this new competition.

After UEFA, FIFA is pulling out its claws. There is no “not the slightest doubt” that international football federation “strongly disapprove” the Super League project, said its president Gianni Infantino, specifying that the twelve dissident European clubs “will have to suffer the consequences” of their breakup.

This project wanting to supplant the Champions League is “a closed club”, “dissident from existing institutions”, added the boss of FIFA at the opening of the annual congress of UEFA, the European football body. “Either you are in or you are out. You cannot be half in and half out”, he added, once again raising the threat of the exclusion of dissident clubs and their players from all national and international competitions, without however citing concrete measures.

“Promotion and relegation is a model that has been successful”, again launched the leader, opposing this almost closed league system, where the founding clubs would have their ticket guaranteed each season, instead of having to qualify via the domestic championships.

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A project also criticized by the CIO

Infantino’s speech at the UEFA congress was particularly awaited by the European football world, which will need Fifa to implement the reprisals he intends to inflict on secessionist clubs, such as the one, legally discussed, to ban their players from international competitions with their selections.

A few minutes earlier, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach had also denounced the project led by six English clubs, three Spanish and three Italians. “The European sports model is a unique approach (…) based on the opening of fair competition which gives priority to sporting merit. This model is threatened today (…), challenged by a purely profit-driven “, he regretted.

“Still time to change your mind” according to UEFA

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, who had qualified the day before this new project “shameful proposition”, told the owners of the dissident clubs that he was “still time to change your mind”. “You made a huge mistake “but” everyone makes mistakes “, again urged Ceferin during the congress, addressing himself in particular to the six dissident English clubs and ensuring that the legal battles to come against the secessionists are “a battle that (UEFA) cannot lose”.

The twelve dissident clubs rocked football Europe during the night from Sunday to Monday by launching their Super League, which they want to launch as quickly as possible to compete with the traditional UEFA Champions League.

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