In Surat, 18 year old boy Mohit Churiwal created this online shopping website

New Delhi. Some people leave hopelessly searching for a job without exploring and developing their skills. While there are some who believe in themselves and keep working day and night to sharpen their knowledge and skills. These are the same people who inspire us today to follow our path and be like them.

One such person is young Mohit Kuriwal, who launched his online shopping at the age of 18. Mohit Churiwal made a successful career of a digital marketer after completing his 12th in 2021. Mohit launched his own website which required a good amount of expertise for success.

Mohit soon decided to form a team of experts. His entrepreneurial mind and passion for business allowed him to become a strong voice for the brand’s online presence. He opened doors for people to achieve more with less cost through this website.

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Mohit Churiwal is the owner of Surat-based Maxturn Media which is offering its digital marketing services to many renowned personalities and popular brands. Mohit Churiwal through Maxturn Media makes complex services like enhancing brand credibility, marketing strategy easily available to his clients and this is the reason why Mohit Churiwal comes first in the world of digital marketing.

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Today Mohit Churiwal is associated with every aspect of success. Mohit says about his success that half of your journey is in seeing your dreams, the rest put all your efforts in fulfilling them, success will not take long.

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