Taking inspiration from Narendra Modi, we have to make good use of every moment: Shivraj

News Desk | Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for holding regular meetings during his three-day visit to America and getting involved in the work directly after reaching here, saying that we have to make use of every moment by taking inspiration from Modi.

Chouhan praised Modi’s work through his tweet and said that even after reaching India, PM Modi did not rest for a moment, then two meetings and last night we saw him inspecting the Central Vista, really this is for us. is inspiration. He said that taking inspiration from Prime Minister Modi, Chief Ministers, ministers, political workers, social workers and administrative officers, all of us are making good use of each and every moment, while also devoting the time of our personal lives for a greater purpose, in fact, the country and society. can serve better.

The Chief Minister said that during his 3-day visit to America, frequent meetings, as soon as he reached India after a long journey of more than 15 hours, Modi directly got involved in the work and then the tour of Central Vista, always the priority of work, this is the inspiration for all of us. gives.


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