Technology: the return of the flip phone

Stars of the 2000s, flip phones always bring back fond memories to users. “It was class when we were young!“, comments a man, interviewed by France Televisions.”It sounded like a business man“says another, while a user praises the robustness of the device.”In the 2000s, people who were really looking for technology started with this product.-the, analysis Vincent Andres, administrator of the Vintagemobile site.

Today, these models are coming back. Samsung took inspiration from an older model to create a flexible screen smartphone, just like back then. In 20 years, technologies have evolved. But, in order to successfully close the screens, the manufacturers still had to comply with many constraints. “It is not a sudden we open it, a sudden we close it and it no longer works. It must be able to work for years“, explains Guillaume Berlemont, marketing director of Samsung Electronics France. Successful bet? Even if Jérôme Colombain, technology journalist for France Info, evokes a”small fragility at the fold“, he recognizes it however: this model is a”little gem“.

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