The Chausse Mouton Charentaises modernize the sleepy Fargeot

50,000 pairs sold in 2020, 100,000 expected in 2021: less than 3 years after its creation, the Charentaise brand Sheep Shoe never stops rising. To the point that the buyers of the company Fargeot of which it is part, Charles and Alexandre Bataille, had to increase their production capacities. ” In addition to renovating machines, we bought new ones and hired new employees. », Says Alexandre Bataille. Above all, the main objective has been achieved: to rejuvenate the clientele.

Modernize smoothly

When the two cousins ​​took over Fargeot in 2016 with the retirement of the former manager, this Perigord company founded in 1930 employed 80 people and brought together two historic brands: Fargeot slippers and Podowell medical shoes. ” She needed to modernize her products to hit a younger target without rushing its long-standing clientele. So we preferred to launch a new brand rather than breaking well-established habits, all the more so in the BtoB networks with which we work in these markets. », Explains Charles Bataille. But beware, there is no question of straying too far from Fargeot’s DNA. “ We wanted to keep this local anchoring and the enhancement of our know-how », Continues Charles Bataille. The Charentaise Chausse Mouton, with its geographical indication (GI) “Charente-Périgord” and its manufacture in the Fargeot workshops in Thiviers using the ” sewn back », Therefore fulfills these criteria.

Co-creation and social networks

On the other hand, to make Charentaise a product that attracts young people, it was necessary to innovate. ” On the name, already: we opted for Sheep Shoe, a somewhat user-friendly name, the idea being to seek out CSP + customers of all ages, attached to the values ​​of Made In France and environmental issues », Continues Alexandre Bataille. To seduce them, Fargeot called on external designers. Beyond ecodesign, Charentaise must have modern cuts and bright colors to capture this new clientele. And to try to build loyalty, the collections – around 200 references – are renewed every year.

Chausse Mouton represents 50% of the sales of the Fargeot company.
– Sheep Shoe

On the distribution side, Chausse Mouton can count on a network of 200 resellers, mainly shoe stores located in town centers and concept stores. But its core target is on the Internet. The proof : 50% of its sales are made directly on the internet. So the brand feeds its social networks. ” We have a young marketing team who animate our profiles on Instagram and Facebook. We would like to go further and create a strong community to launch co-creation on new models », Details Charles Bataille.

Get employees on board

Today, the Chausse Mouton brand represents 5% of Fargeot’s total turnover. It is still little, but the buyers have the ambition to continue to grow it, in France and internationally. However, the launch of this new brand has not been easy. The buyers, who did not come from the profession, had to embark the historical employees. ” They had the know-how and we arrived in this environment. So we had to both trust them and make sure that they too, by following us in this new adventure », Explains Charles Bataille. How? ‘Or’ What ? ” By dint of exchange and a lot of dialogue, assures the leader. And then, we showed them that the Chausse Mouton project was complementary – and not opposed – to historical brands.

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