The doctor’s driver entered the women’s ward wearing OMG burqa, said on being caught – Ladies bathroom….

Kanpur: A strange case has come to light in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. A young man wearing a burqa entered the women’s ward in a government hospital in Kanpur countryside. When the women present there got suspicious, this thing came to the fore and the matter later reached the police. The person caught was none other than the driver of the lady doctor.

In fact, the driver of Dr. Ghazala of Akbarpur CHC Hospital in Kanpur countryside entered the women’s ward of the hospital wearing a noble burqa. There a woman saw her and she got suspicious and later came to know that she is not a woman but a man. The nurses and the women of the hospital caught him and started beating him. So the police came and arrested him. It is learned that the man was not only wearing women’s clothes and burqa, but he was also wearing women’s undergarments.

When arrested, Raees said that he wanted to see the woman’s bathroom, so he was wearing a burqa. When caught, Raees had said that he was the driver of Dr. Ghazla. However, the police have caught him and he is yet to be interrogated. However, the police also say that the person’s family says that he is not mentally fit, so this can happen. But the police is still understanding the matter.


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