The fall in the value of the rupee continues, the rupee fell to the level of 75.51 against the dollar

New Delhi. Due to the rise in the price of the dollar in the international market and the increase in the demand for the dollar in the Indian currency market, the rupee closed showing weakness once again today. After trading for the day, the rupee lost 15 paise. Due to this, the rupee closed at 75.51 per dollar level.

In the Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange market, the rupee had started trading today with a weakness of 5 paise at Rs 75.41 per dollar. The pressure on the Indian currency started increasing in the early trade itself. As the dollar strengthened due to increased demand for the dollar, the value of the rupee kept on breaking down. In the first one hour of trading, the rupee had dived to the level of Rs 75.43 per dollar.

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However, after this, the position of the rupee also strengthened for some time, due to which the price of the Indian currency reached the level of Rs 75.38 per dollar. After noon, once again the demand for dollar started increasing steadily, due to which the rupee kept on moving towards weakness. This weakness of the rupee continued at the close of today’s business. Due to this weakness, the rupee closed at 75.51 per dollar with a weakness of 15 paise.

According to experts, with the rise in demand for the dollar today, due to the strengthening of the dollar in the foreign exchange market, there was a situation of pressure on the rupee in the Indian currency market. The effect of the dollar’s strength in the foreign market came to the fore in the form of the weakness of the rupee in the Indian currency market, due to which the rupee continued to trade with weakness for the second consecutive day today.

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Before this, on the last trading day i.e. yesterday, the rupee had weakened by 37 paise against the dollar. Due to this, the rupee fell and closed at Rs 75.36 per dollar.

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