The number of retail investors increased in the market, investors increased by 41 percent in one year

New Delhi. There is a continuous bullish trend in Indian stock market. With the beginning of the corona transition in 2020, there was a stampede in the stock market once and the stock market was also badly broken. However, right now the Indian stock market is trading at a record high despite all the adverse circumstances. In such a situation, the number of retail investors in India is also increasing continuously.

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According to the information provided by Central Depository Service India Limited (CDSL), the number of active demat accounts with it at present has exceeded 40 million. CDSL has claimed that it has become the first such depository in the country, which has more than 4 crore active demat accounts. At the same time, according to the data of Bombay Stock Exchange, the number of retail investors in India has increased by more than 41 percent in the last one year. According to the data of Bombay Stock Exchange, more than 7 crore investors were registered in BSE till yesterday i.e. July 8. These include active demat accounts of Central Depository Service India Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

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Experts say that the increase in the number of retail investors is a good thing for the integrated development of the stock market. However, many times it also happens that due to the rapid growth of the stock market, a large number of people get their demat account activated. Then they invest in the market indiscriminately with the eyes of others. Those who do this mostly have to face heavy losses. Due to this, such investors get out of the market very fast in a few days. Ranjeet Dhami, Vice President, Dhami Securities says that investors who want to start their demat account after being affected by the fast market conditions should also understand the market first. One should invest money in the stock only after understanding the movement of the market. According to Dhami, while a thoughtful investment can give good returns to investors, indiscriminate investment can also sink their money.

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