The stock market closed with a slight decline after continuous ups and downs

New Delhi. The stock market witnessed tremendous volatility on the first trading day of the week. The stock market continued to face selling pressure in the first session of the day. In the second session, buying by domestic institutional investors (DIIs) took over the market to a great extent. Due to this, the Sensex closed with a fall of 127.31 points in the last minute and the Nifty closed with a slight decline of 13.95 points.

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex started trading today with a slight weakness of 42.96 points. Within 5 minutes of the market opening, the Sensex reached the level of 58,314.64 points in the green mark on the basis of buying. The sell-off after that took the Sensex down 272.69 points from the top level to reach the level of 58,032.38. However, after this the buying started once again and after half an hour of trading, some improvement in the condition of the Sensex was also seen. Due to this, the index reached the level of 58,136.70 points but the selling pressure continued, due to which the Sensex fell again.

This situation of decline in the stock market continued for the next one hour, but after that, buying started increasing in comparison to selling in the market, due to which the Sensex also started sliding upwards. Despite the buying in the market, the selling pressure remained constant, due to which the Sensex remained in the red mark despite the continuous buying. However, the condition of the Sensex improved to a great extent, due to which the index closed at 58,177.76 points, up about 233 points from today’s low at the close of trading.

Like the Sensex, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also started trading today at the level of 17,363.55 points with a weakness of 5.70 points. Nifty also showed slight gains initially and jumped nearly 12 points from the opening level to reach 17,375.50. After this, the Nifty fell to the level of 17,304.40 points in 15 minutes of trading due to the sell-off. After this fall, once again there was a buying force in the stock market, due to which the Nifty fell again after reaching the level of 17,327.30 points after the end of the initial half-hour of trading.

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This fall in a short time took the Nifty down by 100.10 points to the level of 17,269.15 points, but after this, domestic institutional investors (DIIs) started buying aggressively to handle the market, due to which the Nifty also fell. There was continuous improvement. Shortly before the close of today’s trading, the Nifty also reached the green mark with a slight strength of 9.10 points, but at the last moment, the Nifty ended today’s business at the level of 17,355.30 with a slight weakness of 13.95 points.

In the day’s trading today, IT sector, pharma, metal, media and realty sector supported the stock market with the support of buying. Banking sector, financial services and energy sector also created selling pressure in the stock market. After the day’s trading, Nifty’s media index 1.34 percent, metal index 1.29 percent, IT index 0.94 percent and realty index closed with the strength of 0.65 percent, while the energy sector 0.76 percent, private bank index 0.53 percent, PSU bank index 0.41. Percentage and Financial Services Index closed down 0.19 per cent.

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Today, out of 30 stocks included in the Sensex, where 20 shares closed with strength in the green mark, 10 shares closed down after trading in the red mark. A total of 3,468 shares were traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange today. Of these, 1,717 shares closed after trading in the green mark with strength. Under selling pressure, 1,547 shares closed in the red, while 204 shares remained unchanged.

After today’s trading, there was a significant increase in the total market cap of the companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The total market cap of these companies increased to Rs 256.13 lakh crore today. The total market cap of the companies listed on BSE was Rs 255.28 lakh crore after the close of business on the last trading day before this. During today’s trading, 255 stocks managed to reach a 52-week high, while 25 shares fell to a 52-week low. Apart from this, where 399 shares fell in the upper circuit on the basis of buying today, 139 shares fell victim to the lower circuit due to heavy selling.

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After the day’s trading, Coal India joined the list of top 5 gainers with the strength of 3.87 per cent, Hindalco Industries 3.33 per cent, Kotak Mahindra Bank 1.71 per cent, Tata Steel 1.59 per cent and BPCL 1.58 per cent. On the other hand, Reliance Industries declined by 2.31 per cent, ICICI Bank 1.75 per cent, SBI Life Insurance 0.87 per cent, Hindustan Unilever by 0.84 per cent and HDFC Bank by 0.82 per cent to join today’s list of top 5 losers.

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