The stock market did the weekend reaching its all-time high

Mumbai. In the last trading day of the week, on Friday, August 13, the stock market made many records. Today it happened for the first time that the index of 30 companies of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Sensex crossed the magic figure of 55 thousand.

It is to be known that for a long time every person associated with the stock market was expecting that the Sensex would soon touch the level of 55 thousand. Today the Sensex not only touched the figure of 55, but the closing was also much above this figure. Along with the Sensex, the Nifty of NSE (National Stock Exchange) has also crossed the figure of 16500 today. This is the highest closing level of any weekend today.

Another feature of today’s trading day was that today both the major indices of the market have made a new record of their all-time highs. During the day’s trading, when the Sensex touched the level of 55,487.79 at around 3 pm today, it became a new all-time record for the Sensex. Around the same time, Nifty also made a new record touching its all-time high of 16,543.60.

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Today, at the time of the closing bell of August 13, the Sensex was trading at 55,437.29 with a gain of 593.31 points. The Sensex gained 1.08 percent in the day’s trading today. On the other hand, the Nifty also followed the trend of the Sensex, gaining 164.70 points and closing at the level of 16,529.10. Nifty also gained 1.01 per cent today.

It is to be known that the stock market had opened with an increase this morning, where on one hand the Sensex had opened at the level of 54,911.95 with a gain of 67.97 points, while on the other hand the Nifty gained 21.30 points more than yesterday’s closing. It was opened at 16,385.70.

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Shares of many sectors should be responsible for this boom in today’s stock market, where investors have openly invested. According to experts, investors are now willing to accept a lower equity risk premium. With uncertainty over the slowdown in the economic recovery, investors are willing to accept lower returns. On the basis of this assessment, good investment is coming in the market.

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