The stock market rolled after a strong start, Sensex fell by 561 points

New Delhi. The Indian stock market is surprising investors with its move for the third consecutive day on Wednesday. The stock market, which opened with strength in the morning, started trading after reaching the red mark only after 1 hour of trading. Seeing the strength of the stock market under selling pressure, it became windy. Today, since the beginning of the business, there has been constant pressure from the sellers till now.

This morning the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex opened with a gain of 323.64 points at the level of 52,912.35 points. But at the very beginning of the business, the stock market was captured by the bears. Due to the increasing selling pressure, the Sensex started trading in the red mark within 1 hour of trading. In between, the buyers also kept pushing the market, due to which the Sensex sometimes jumped. On the strength of this buying, the Sensex once again left the red mark and reached the green mark at 11 pm. But within a short time, the selling pressure once again increased on the stock market. Due to which the Sensex fell 561.3 points from today’s opening level to reach the level of 52,351.05.

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Similarly, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also started trading today at the level of 15,862.80 points with a gain of 90.05 points. But Nifty also continued to dive under selling pressure. Due to heavy selling, Nifty fell 160.25 points from today’s opening level to reach the level of 15,702.55 points. The Nifty was trading at a level of 15,738.25 points, down 34.50 points at 1:30 pm, trading amidst continuous negative sentiments in the stock market. Similarly, the Sensex was trading at a level of 52,462.05, down 126.66 points at that time.

In today’s business, there is continuous selling pressure in the stock market. There is a strong sell-off in the Energy, FMCG and IT sectors. Nifty Midcap Index is showing slight strength, but Small Cap Index remains weak. Today, the stock market is getting support from the buying happening in Bajaj Auto, Maruti, Bajaj Finance and Titan. On the other hand, due to selling in the shares of Reliance Industries, NTPC, Kotak Bank, TCS and HDFC, there is also constant pressure on the market.

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