There was a great rise in the rupee, the rupee strengthened by 96 paise in 3 trading sessions

New Delhi. The rupee once again got the tremendous advantage of increasing the arrival of the dollar in the money market and weakening the dollar in comparison to 6 other international currencies. Along with this, due to the rapid growth of the Indian stock market and increased investment by foreign portfolio investors, the rupee got a lot of strength today, due to which the rupee made a strong jump of 40 paise at the end of trading in the currency market today. Due to this strength, the rupee today closed at Rs 73.29 per dollar.

Earlier on Friday, the last trading day of last week, the rupee had shown a strength of 53 paise against the dollar. On the strength of this 53 paise, the rupee had closed at 73.69 against the dollar. Including today’s trading session, the rupee has so far gained 96 paise against the dollar in three consecutive trading sessions.

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In the Inter Bank Foreign Exchange market, the atmosphere was in favor of the rupee since this morning. For this reason, the rupee started today’s business with the strength of 22 paise from the level of Rs 73.47 against the dollar. The dollar remained weak against other major international currencies since this morning.

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Along with this, due to the increase in investment of foreign portfolio investors in the stock market, the inflow of dollars into the money market also intensified. The advantage of all these factors was seen in the form of strengthening of the rupee, which finally closed with a strength of 40 paise.

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