These are the best pair of raiders, who beat the opponents to the mat.

Pro Kabaddi season 8 has reached its last stage, out of 12, only 4 teams are in progress, while for 8 teams everything is over in this season. In such a situation, let’s take a look at the pair of those three best raiders, who have performed amazingly and have led their team to victory.

Surender Gill and Pardeep Narwal

Surender Gill became the main raider of the team at one time during the time of Pardeep Narwal. He consistently performed well and did not let the pressure of failing continuously on Pardeep. The advantage of this was that as soon as the race for the playoffs started, Pardeep Narwal returned to form and started playing in his old style. Together they have scored more than 350 raid points. Surender Gill has scored 188 raid points in 22 matches this season and has also completed 8 Super 10s. On the other hand, Pardeep Narwal has recorded 184 raid points in 23 matches and he is also the only player in the season to hit 12 Super Raid. Not only this, despite coming in late form, he has put 9 Super 10s.

Abhishek Singh and V Ajith Kumar

U Mumba may not make it to the playoffs but their two raiders impressed a lot. Abhishek Singh consistently scored points in raids for the team. Abhishek played an important role in the team’s victory this season. Abhi scored 177 raid points in 22 matches played this season, during which he also hit 7 Super 10s. Call it Mumba’s discovery or talent, V Ajith Kumar did a great job. He, along with Abhishek, scored more than 330 raid points, including Ajit’s 159 raid points. Ajit Kumar also completed 6 Super 10s.

Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat

There was a time when Puneri Paltan was not even seeing Kabaddi experts in the playoffs, but after that the pair of two raiders made such a blast that the team finally reached the playoffs. After the poor form of players like Rahul Chaudhary and Nitin Tomar, these youngsters took over the responsibility of the team in the raiding department. Aslam Inamdar got 23 match games and 169 raid points. During this he also completed 5 Super 10s. At the same time, Mohit Goyat has played 21 matches and got 159 raid points. Mohit has also installed 8 Super 10s.

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