This time it will be auspicious time for Holika Dahan, thus worship

Internet desk. Countrymen will have to celebrate the festival of colors this time amid the horror of the Corona virus. The increasing infection of corona in the country has caused great problems for the people. Holi festival will be celebrated on Sunday in India. The next day people will play Holi of colors. Today we are going to tell what will be the auspicious time of Holi.

According to reports, the beginning of this Batar Phalgun date will be from 3.27 pm on Sunday, 28 March to 12. 17 minutes on 29 March. On the other hand, Holik Dahan’s Muhurat will start from 6.37 minutes in the evening to 8.56 minutes at night.

According to astrology, worshiping in the country before Holika Dahan has special significance. Under this, it is right to sit in the east or north in the morning and worship on the day of Holi.

For this people should make idols of Prahlada and Holika with cow dung and worship. Along with this, devotees should also worship Lord Narasimha. After performing the puja, the devotees should perform circumambulation of the Holika.


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