Tomato will also exceed petrol prices, ill-effects of unseasonal rains

Desk. With onion prices barely under control, the kitchen budget of housewives is set to be hit again. Tomato prices are skyrocketing. Tomato prices have reached close to petrol. At present, tomato is being sold at Rs 100 per kg in some places. Many districts of the state including Mumbai have been receiving unseasonal rains for the last one week. Farmers have suffered huge losses due to unseasonal rains. Huge amount of crops have been damaged. Especially the crop of vegetables and fruits including tomato crop has been badly affected by the rains. So the market has affected the revenue of tomatoes. The quantity of goods entering the market has decreased.

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Tomatoes are being sold at high prices in the state including Mumbai. According to the area in the retail market, tomatoes are being sold for 80 to 100 rupees per kg. If this continues, then in the coming days, the price of tomato is expected to exceed the price of petrol. Tomato prices in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik have reached Assam. That’s why housewives have started cooking without tomatoes.

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Last week there was heavy rain in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Flood situation is prevailing in most of the districts of these states. In such a situation, there has also been a lot of damage to the vegetable crop here. Tomato is selling at Rs 110 to 120 per kg in these states.

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