Tourism: operators worried about staff shortage

The summer season promises to be exceptional in France… and yet many tourism professionals are distressed. They are, in fact, faced with an unprecedented difficulty in recruiting seasonal workers, and not only in the catering trade. This labor shortage could thwart their bright summer prospects. In fact, the need for personnel for the entire sector is estimated at 150,000.

The catering sector is also facing recruitment problems, but this does not prevent restaurants from gradually leaving their heads above water, as an article published on the Echos website tells us: Restaurants are starting to raise your head

“It’s a real disaster. Some hoteliers do not open their entire establishment for lack of staff. There is also a fear about the quality of services ”, worries the president of the employers’ group of the hotel and catering GNI, Didier Chenet.

“Grand bazaar”

“Normally, we employ 4,000 people in high season. There, we are missing 500 ”, notes Nicolas Houé, one of the two general managers of the family group Capfun, the number of campsites in France. A situation corroborated by the president of the National Federation of Outdoor Hotels (FNHPA), Nicolas Dayot: “It’s the big bazaar this year. We have talked a lot about catering, but it is difficult to recruit for other professions. “

The concern is also tangible in holiday clubs, as evidenced by the president of Belambra, Alexis Gardy : “Recruitment is a real concern. We are particularly lacking in the kitchen, the animators. “As for the general delegate of the professional union Snelac, Sophie Huberson, she expresses the deep concern of parks and leisure sites:” This is unheard of. Our members are counting on the end of the academic year to fill the workforce. There is a lack of staff for catering but also accommodation. “

Recapture plan

The confinements and closures of establishments have exacerbated a situation of tension or even shortage. “The pool has shrunk. We have lost a lot of people after more than a year of uncertainties, ”notes President de Belambra. “People have gone to other professions, especially real estate agencies and mass distribution. 120,000 employees have left us, ”adds Didier Chenet.

“The current situation underlines the importance of the“ reconquest plan ”announced by President Macron. We cannot be a great tourist country without an army of collaborators ”, underlines the president of the FNHPA, Nicolas Dayot. With three sensitive issues to settle, he adds: “staff accommodation, days off and remuneration”.

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