Traditional and modern looks inspired by the spirit of Lohri launched

Beauty expert Richa Aggarwal showcased the tradition and culture of Punjab through makeovers on the occasion.

The festival of Lohri is about celebrating the time of Harvesting, Prosperity and Happiness with friends and family and this is the time when we prepare to bid farewell to the winters. Women and men especially women and men especially celebrate the festival with full gusto. and takes great pride in wearing traditional outfits and showcasing latest makeup and trendy hairstyles. This festival is very special for newlyweds and on this day they want to look different and beautiful, this spirit of Lohri is celebrated. Richa Agarwal, beauty expert at Cleopatra Salon & Makeovers, dedicated to Mother Earth and Lord Sun, showcased traditional looks and fusion makeovers that set the tone for the season to come, as well as new trends in fashion and makeup. also define. The plethora of shades of aurelian and golden hues were seen in all the luxe while also carrying forward the spirit and grandeur of the traditional lucas festivities and infused joy and vibrancy.

The girls who attended the festival dressed themselves in traditional Punjabi attires, trendy hair styles embellished with floral accessories and traditional parandis and graceful make-up, all reflecting the beautiful culture and grandeur of LuxPunjab. The creative make-up was done using flashy, bright and vibrant shades of golden, yellow and red which were breathtaking. “We are in the midst of a tough time and have gone through a period of dullness, but now the new year begins. Lohri in particular is a festival of prosperity and harvest, so we have chosen this occasion to highlight the fashion and makeup. We have also used silver and gold glitters for all these looks to give it a more traditional touch. Giving information that more attractiveness can be given, Richa Aggarwal also shared accurate and easy tricks of photogenic makeup with all the ladies.

Despite being traditional in appearance, all the looks were very young and fresh in appeal, which is a small effort from our side to connect the youth to the richness of our culture and fashion and their roots, said Beauty Expert, Harveenkathuria. Sharing the information, he said, “This time we have made a special effort to showcase a photo-friendly makeup as women and even men like to share their looks and style instantly on social media, so we have taken some photos- Created friendly looks that make the face look more beautiful on the camera.On this occasion everyone also threw giddha around the bonfire and also enjoyed popcorn, revdi, gajak and peanuts while celebrating the festival with full gusto.


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