Uber: 3 former French employees who have become entrepreneurs

There are few start-ups that have left their mark as much as Uber – for better or for worse. The VTC company grew quickly and naturally attracted talent. Like Florent Crivello, who left the Californian ogre to found Teamflow, several other ex-French from Uber tried the adventure solo.

Denis Saada wants to promote alternative mobility

The experience was short but significant. In 2019, Denis saada was Uber’s “head of cities”. As part of his activities, he closely followed the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM law), which enabled the creation of the sustainable mobility package. A new market opened up and the Science Po graduate decided to found Betterway : a payment solution that gives employees access to all soft mobility options for their daily journeys (bicycle, electric scooter, carpooling, etc.).

“We work with around fifteen companies, including Back Market, Vinci Construction or Allianz”, explains the boss. Betterway, which has surfed the extraordinary craze for cycling in recent months, has just raised 1.5 million euros. “The Covid period has made a lasting change in the transport habits of citizens”, rejoices the entrepreneur.

Alexandre Molla ensures the protection of bikes

When he worked at Uber, Alexandre molla participated in the expansion of the Californian company in France and Switzerland. But his meeting with Nicolas Louvet, director of the 6t cabinet, prompted him to found the start-up Sharelock.

“Sharelock is the first network of secure bicycle locks, accessible via an application and with a subscription, explains the entrepreneur. Packed with technologies, this solution warns you in the event of an attempted theft and triggers automatic insurance in the event of theft. “ The young company is experimenting with its connected padlocks in Rouen and its boss is convinced that this solution will enable the use of the bicycle to be massively unlocked in the coming months.

Hardik Thakkar, from mobility to IT monitoring

Engineer by training, Hardik Thakkar had been marked by a blackout that had paralyzed Uber’s operations in England, where it was in charge of launching new cities. In 2018, this Franco-Indian decided to co-found PacketAI. This company publishes an IT monitoring solution based on deep learning. “We use artificial intelligence to better anticipate accidents and then repair them”, emphasizes the entrepreneur. The company, which raised 2.1 million euros in 2019, has 14 employees and is mainly solicited by engineers in companies.

Solidarity with entrepreneurs

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