United Kingdom: a test concert brought together 5,000 people in Liverpool


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5,000 people attended a concert Sunday, May 2 in Liverpool (United Kingdom), which has become a guinea pig city with a view to returning to a more or less normal life, despite the Covid-19.

Sunday May 2, at Liverpool (United Kingdom), 5,000 people attended a test concert without masks or social distancing. The artists, who found the stage, did not shy away from their pleasure during the six hours of show. Everyone was able to forget, for a while, the health context, and imagine a return to life before.

Outside the marquee, the bar was open, and the pizza chef was behind his oven. Participants simply had to test negative for Covid-19 upon entry. “I think it’s a good thing to start all over again to test if this can all work this summer, and if everything will keep moving forward.“said a young woman she met on the spot. Spectators have pledged to be retested after five days. The data collected will be studied to measure the impact of mass gatherings on the spread of the virus. Liverpool s ‘is thus transformed into a laboratory.During the weekend, two nightclub evenings brought together several thousand revelers.

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