Vastu tips: Never keep these things in front of the house, there is loss of money

Internet desk. Vastushastra is highly valued by people in India. In the construction of a new house, people pay special attention to the rules of Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, everything should be in proper place.

Today we are going to tell you, which things are not right to be kept in front of the door. By doing this Vastu Dosha arises and poverty comes in the house. According to Vastu, having some things in front of the main door of the house affects your financial condition.

For this reason, garbage or dirty water should not be stored in front of the main gate of the house. At the same time, keeping the dustbin near the door is also not right. Due to this, there is also loss of money in the house. The people of the house have to face debt. At the same time, stones should not be stored outside the house. This is also not correct according to Vastu.


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