Vegetable prices doubled in the last 15 days due to delayed rains, prices of vegetables became expensive

face. People have become upset due to the sudden increase in the price of vegetables in the city. Vegetables used in everyday life are now out of the reach of the people. Because the price of vegetables in the city 15 days ago has become twice as expensive. Vegetables whose prices have increased are going to be used in the kitchen every day. The retailer is upset due to the increase in the rate of vegetables, due to which the quality of vegetables is also affected.

It is becoming costly for retailers to buy high quality vegetables, as well as people are also surprised by the sudden increase in prices. According to the data received by Khetwadi Utpanna Bazar Samiti, from August 28 to September 10, the price of vegetables was normal at the rate of 20 kg. They have doubled.

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Rate list per 20 kg is like this-

Vegetable – 15 days ago – and now
Tomato – 220 – 800
Onion – 430 – 530
Tubers – 1200 – 2000
Brinjal – 250 – 1150
Flower – 400 – 800
Guar – 700 – 1600
Chaurai – 1100 – 1600
Beans – 500 – 1000
Crust – 1300 – 3000
Gourd – 480 – 800
Teroi – 400 – 800
Parvar – 370 – 850

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Hence the increase-
The Khetwadi Utpanna Bazar Committee said that this time there was not enough rain in July, while till August 15 there was not much rain, but at the end of August and in September, it rained continuously, due to which the vegetables were ready due to delayed rains. It got spoiled due to water, as well as vegetables were ruined due to floods in many states, due to which the supply coming to the city was affected and as a result, the prices of vegetables have doubled. We buy vegetables at the rate of 20 kg per 20 kg, the rate of which has now doubled. It is expected that in the coming days after the rains subside, the rates of vegetables will be normal. Due to the cost of vegetables, small retailers are not able to take vegetables in sufficient quantity and those who are taking them are also selling at double the rate of one kg.

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