VIDEO. 2021 Olympics: in Tokyo, shoes propel athletes towards a rain of new records


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Equipped with new technologies, athletes’ shoes allow them to set records.

Sacred Olympic champion in the queen event of the 100m, the Italian Marcell Jacobs was adorned with gold on Sunday August 1 in Tokyo, succeeding King Usain Bolt. In athletics events, a star is more and more talked about: the shoe. While records rain in Tokyo, the athletes almost all admit to having facilities with certain equipment.

What is this technology responsible for some of these records? A sole equipped with a carbon blade and a layer of foam. Combining a better rebound, more lightness, and the return of energy, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, French athlete eliminated in the semi-finals of the 800m, even explains with a smile. “to have the impression of walking on the moon”. But above all, these new technologies fuel a debate in the world of athletics: innovation or technological doping?

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