VIDEO. La Clusaz: demonstrations against water basins



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“Every day, we fight and we will not let this hillside restraint happen.” In La Clusaz, the new project to build water basins to supply the resorts’ snow cannons has not won over all the inhabitants.

On June 25 and 26, several collectives, including Extinction Rebellion Annecy, met at the Col de la Croix Fry for a weekend of mobilization against the creation of a giant artificial pool.

“A hill reservoir is a nice word, but in fact it’s a huge hole. It’s a basin that will be plasticized and filled with water, which we will bring up from a source that is 200 meters below.

In La Clusaz, a new project to build water basins divides the inhabitants. The purpose of this project is to supply the snow cannons of the town’s ski resort during the winter.

“What will happen when we go to the hole? We’re going to blast the ground and the springs that feed the bog, well they’re probably going to dry up. In any case, the studies of hydrologists do not manage to give firm conclusions on this.

The inhabitants also denounce the construction of the “Hameau de l’ours”, “a luxury chalet, 4 stars, which will include 57 apartments and with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, hammam”, explains Siam, a young activist.

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