VIDEO. Parachutes, draft at sea and improvised dance: SpaceX succeeds in its first return of astronauts from the ISS



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Four astronauts land in Florida (United States) on the night of Saturday May 1 to Sunday May 2, after six hours of travel in a SpaceX capsule. They spent 168 days aboard the International Space Station.

Four astronauts who left the International Space Station landed on the night of Saturday, May 1 to Sunday, May 2, in Florida, United States, aboard a capsule of the SpaceX spacecraft. Several boats were deployed to retrieve the capsule. After 168 days on theISS and six hours of travel, the astronauts finally walk on dry land.

One of them, the American commander Michael Hopkins, even took a small dance step when he took his first steps.We just want to thank you, it’s amazing what can be accomplished when people are together. You’re changing the world, congratulations, it’s great to be back “, he said. They were part of the first crew and had welcomed Thomas Pesquet on arrival. This is the first operational mission to be brought back to Earth by SpaceX.

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