Viral Video: Elderly woman took a dip in the Ganges river from the bridge, the video went viral on Twitter, users wrote

Diving straight into the river Ganges is something that many youngsters do not even dare to do. However, salute to this old granny who performed such a dangerous stunt that will surely leave you astonished. Watch the viral video of this elderly lady jumping into the river without any fear. The 24-second video clip shows an old woman holding a railing and preparing herself before jumping from a bridge into the Ganges. Soon after, she is seen swimming in the river without any fear.

After her daring jump, the woman swam for a while and reached the shore. The video has been shared and re-shared several times. Which got many likes and tweets.

Twitter was flooded with comments on the elderly woman being fearless. Netizens were stunned, praising his courage. One Twitter user wrote, “That too without fancy swimsuits! Villages usually have reservoirs, ponds, canals, rivers etc and everyone can easily go for a swim.” Another one tweeted “Salaam to Dadi ji” The third commented “You are awesome Dadi ji”

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