Vrat Recipe: Try a special recipe used in fasting today, how to make potato-paneer kofta, note the easy recipe?

Internet desk. The month of Navratri is going on. Today is the fourth Navratri. Today we have brought you a special recipe used in fasting. In the fast, you can try the recipe of potato-paneer kofta at home today. These paneer koftas will give you an amazing test. Along with this, a new dish will also be added to your list.

Come, today we know the recipe for making Potato-Paneer Kofta…


-Pneer (grated)
-Boiled Potatoes-2
Ground black pepper
Ground red chili
Two green chillies (finely chopped)
Rock salt – as per taste
One and a half teaspoon khoya or one teaspoon milk powder
Finely chopped coriander
2 tablespoons buckwheat flour
4-5 almonds
Ghee (for frying)

The way to make this is as follows…

First of all, mash the cheese and potatoes together well. After mashing, mix black pepper and red chili powder as per taste. Also add green chillies, poultry flour and khoya. Mix it well and add finely chopped coriander. This will change the flavor.

After this, make a ball of koftas by mixing them all. Heat ghee in a pan. If you do not want to take ghee, peanut oil can also be useful. Now press the kofta ball a little, if desired, it can be fried just like that, but dry fruits can also be added in the middle.

Take your delicious potato-paneer koftas in a few minutes of cooking. In the fast, you can serve them with fruitful chatter.


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